1809: January 1
Micaela Desmaisieres y Lopez de Dicastillo is born, at La Libertad Street in Madrid

1809: January 4
She is baptised in the parish church of St Joseph. She is given the names of Maria Soledad, Micaela, Aquilina, Antonia and Bibiana

In Guadalajara, she has a small school for 12 poor girls

1844: February 6
For the first time Micaela visits the Hospital of St John of God. From her repeated visits there, the inspiration for her Work is born

1845: April 21
The House of Our Lady of the Forsaken is inaugurated, in Madrid, at no.8, Dos Amigos Street

1847: May
Mystical favour of the Holy Spirit on the feast of Pentecost, in Paris

1850: October 12
She leaves her home for good, to live in the Centre, at no.74, Atocha Street.

1851: January
Micaela wears the emblem of the monstrance and a medal of Our Lady as insignia January 1851

1856: First semester
Foundation of the Congregation of Sisters Adorers Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity

1857: January 1
The first Sisters Adorers make their religious profession

1859: September 8
Perpetual (Night) Adoration is established in the Congregation

1860: June 15
Perpetual profession of Mother Sacramento, in Madrid

1865: August 24
Micaela foretells that she will die before midnight and she dies seven minutes before the midnight.

1866: November 24
Final approval of the Constitutions of the Congregations of Sisters Adorers

1902: August 19
Signing of the Decree of introduction of the Cause of her Beatification, by Pope Leo XIII

1925: June 7
Beatification, in Rome, by Pope Pius the XI

1934: March 4
Canonization of Bl. Maria Micaela, by Pope Pius XI

1934: October 27
Beatification of 23 Adorer’s Martyrs

1947: November 14,
Arrival of Sisters Adorers in India

1948: October 1
Opening of the first House in India – Puri, Orissa

1948: October 2
First Eucharistic Celebration and Night adoration in our Chapel, together with Fr Guemez, CM

1956: April 14

Entry of the first Indian vocations


Srs Alice Chandy, Elizabeth Rathappilly and Teresa John.

1994: September 28
Farewell to Sr Constanza Redondo to her heavenly abode, after 34 years of dedicated service to God in the Indian soil

Restructuring of the Works and Communities in the Congregation

2000: January
Bifurcation of the Indian Province into Provinces of Kolkata and Mumbai

2007 November 6th Martyrs day
New Foundation of Adorers in Philippines
On 4th March 2011 as a memorial of the Bicentenary year of birth of our Foundress, Saint Maria Micaela and fulfilling her dream of a Foundation of Adorers in Philippines, after 150 years.